Bristol Adventures’ legacy is to foster a culture of respect and nurture for the region’s rich environmental history. We ask our guests to join us in preserving and advocating for our pristine wilderness as well as the birds, fish, mammals and stunning flora that make their home in Bristol Bay.

With cold temperatures and a short growing season, native Alaska fish mature slowly, so we have a strict catch and release policy for all resident freshwater species.

While bear populations are declining around the world due to development and human intervention, Katmai National Park provides one of the world’s few remaining natural habitats for these remarkable animals. Through training, education and careful planning, both scientists and visitors here are able to view bear behavior first hand without disturbing bear routines and surroundings.

We and our parent company, Bristol Bay Native Corporation, oppose the proposed Pebble mine. The Bristol Bay region is known for its world-renowned commercial, subsistence and sport fisheries, the product of the prolific watersheds that Alaska Native communities call home.  The proposed Pebble Mine would put these fisheries at significant risk and bring adverse impacts to the economy, cultures and people of Bristol Bay. If you are also concerned about the proposed Pebble mine, consider contacting your representatives in Washington D.C. or at the EPA and Corps of Engineers. Let them know that you have been to Bristol Bay, care about the future of its fisheries and tourism industry, and are opposed to the Pebble Mine

Bristol Bay Native Corporation is a responsible Alaska Native corporation dedicated to the mission of “Enriching Our Native Way of Life.” Established through the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971, BBNC works to protect the land in Bristol Bay, celebrate the legacy of its people, and enhance the lives of its shareholders.