Bear Viewing

Bristol Bay’s reliably abundant salmon run provides vital, nutrient-rich food for the region’s sizable brown bear population. More than 2,200 bears within Katmai National Park, along with many more throughout the greater Bristol Bay area, make this a premiere viewing destination for visitors from around the world.

From the legendary bear viewing at Brooks Falls, to backcountry wildlife viewing experiences in the remote Katmai wilderness, to happenstance sightings around our favorite fishing grounds, our lodges provide unparalleled bear viewing opportunities for all.

Kulik Lodge

A rich legacy and centralized location make this Alaska’s premier fly-out fishing lodge.

Grosvenor Lodge

This secluded, comfy retreat is like having your own secluded, private fishing lodge.

Brooks Lodge

Superb fishing and steps away from the famous Brooks Falls bears, it's the best of both worlds!

Mission Lodge

World-class fishing, gorgeous views, private rooms and luxury in the heart of Bristol Bay.

“Best vacation ever! Staff and Rangers were friendly and knowledgeable. The fishing, hiking, wildlife, food, and accommodations were all spectacular!”

- Ede P.

“Best Vacation Yet! This place is AMAZING!!! Secluded and quiet. I was there for 7 days with 2 friends and we had a blast.”

- Chris T.

“One of the most incredible experiences of my life!!”

- Danielle S.